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VHS is the new Super 8

Kudos to “6ft 5″, bearded and single” director Price James and his team. The new music video for Hercules and Love Affair‘s My House” is an amazingly truthful emulation of a house party in a New York underground club in, say, 1989. Styling is immaculate (remember MC Hammer pants?), choreography is spot on, and got to love those cheesy analogue video effects. Editor Alan Capriles says “It was an opportunity to do something fun and authentic. Befits the track.” Much like the overused Super 8 look, there are now tutorials galore on the web explaining how to fake that typical VHS look we all used to hate, but now love with a vengeance. Not Mr. James, Capriles says, “The tape noise is all real. We shot it and recorded to VHS. Doing it in post always looks fake, it’s amazing that we got away with it.”Credits
Hercules and Love Affair “My House”
Directed by Price James
Director of Photography: Adam Newport-Berra
Edited by: Alan Capriles
Production Design: Tru Tran
Producer: Brad Payne
Production Company: Greencard NY
Stylist: Jason Farrer
Label: Moshi Moshi


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