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The Yes Please records music video in 1930’s design villa

The music video for “Alone and Desired” by Dutch band The Yes Please was recorded in the amazing Sonneveld Museum House in Rotterdam. This “urban villa” from the early 1930’s is “one of the best-preserved avant-garde homes in Europe,” according the Netherlands Architecture Institute NAI, who manages the house.

The Yes Please singer and assistent producer of the mvid Marjoleine Molenaar says in an email that she instantly fell in love with the house. “The house is really beautiful, but also very spick-and-span and very well designed in a sense that it can kind of make you feel trapped.” The Sonneveld house fits the song’s theme. “Director Ferry van Schijndel thought so too,” comments Marjoleine. And thus the idea for the music video was born.

A baby boy grows up to be an old man never leaving his house. Fear of the outside world makes him desire it even more.

Credits (short version)
Director: Ferry van Schijndel
Director 2nd unit: Joanna Wesseling
Producer: Arthur Bueno 2011
Animation: Rob van Gameren
DOP: Nanko Goeting, Robijn Voshol
Art directors: Charlotte van Otterloo, Marjoleine Molenaar


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