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Festivals: Fumetto and FMX focus on Motion Comics

The festival season is in full swing and across Europe there are some truly unmissable events for graphic novel-reading fanatics. In addition to events dedicated to the traditional comic books, many events, festivals and conferences are also allocating presentations and exhibitions to motion comics -digital evolutions of the comic book that combine animation and other media in combination with traditional comic book elements to bring a new, immersive storytelling experience.

We’re proud to share that our own interactive motion comics, The Art of Pho (2011) and The Killer (2001) will be involved as part of the prestigious Fumetto International Comix Festival in the beautiful Swiss town of Lucerne.

If you want to learn more about motion comics – or are just looking to attend some of Europe’s best comic book events then read on for more information!

interactive graphic novel The Art of Pho by Julian Hanshaw


LUCERNE, SWITZERLAND – 5th-13th April 2014

Fumetto is already well established as one of the top locations in Europe for ambitious and innovative comics artists, and this year sees them hosting an exhibition devoted entirely to motion comics for the first time. Entitled The Beginning, the event features a selection of some of the most innovative motion comics. The festival is flying in talent from all over the world – Sutu, creator of Nawlz, from Australia; Ezra Daniels, creator of Upgrade Soul, and Daniel Burwen, creator of Operation: Ajax, from the US. These and other creators from across Europe, including Remco from Submarine Channel, will be part of the presentation and a panel on motion comics on April 12.


  • 5th – 13th April, 10.00 – 20.00
  • Vernissage motion comics exhibition: Saturday 12th April, 15.00
  • Presentation / Discussion: Saturday 12th April 11.00  / 13.15

For more information: Fumetto Internationales Comix Festival




STUTTGART, GERMANY – 22nd-25th April 2014

Over to Germany now for one of Europe’s best digital imagery festivals, FMX, where they too will be hosting an exhibition all about motion comics. Taking part on April 25th, ‘Interactive Graphic Novels’ aims to cast a light on the interactive adaptions of graphic novels: curated by ‘Studio Werkbericht’, they’ll be showcasing four different approaches to motion comics.

Writer and artist Christian Gossett, who made his name with Star Wars artwork for Lucasfilm Ltd., leads the way with his presentation on The Red Star. Gossett created the highly successful sci-fi comic book series that was first launched as a PS2/PS3 action video game and is currently being developed for the big screen. But how do you translate haptic feel into virtual experience? Christian Moreillon, Creative Lead at Brozermo/MoComics, uses the example of his own company to analyze how an immersive comics experience balances artistic finery with user control.

Our very own Remco Vlaanderen will also be on hand to shed light on the creative process behind Submarine Channel’s Art of Pho, based on Julian Hanshaw’s graphic novel.

Saskia Kress, Producer at Filmtank GmbH, will also give a presentation about the cross media project netwars, a fact-based TV and interactive web documentary, TV series and graphic novel app that puts its finger on the timely topic of cyber-warfare.

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