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Submarine Channel Live: The Future of Music Videos

Dutch music channel TMF waved the white flag, and MTV continues their love affair with reality soaps (yawn), but we say: Long Live the Music Video! In collaboration with Kriterion Theater in Amsterdam, we’re kicking off the first edition of Submarine Channel Live with a special evening dedicated to the creative medium that just won’t die.

Our special guests of the evening are the Dutch music video maestros Mr. Roel Wouters of Xelor and Nexus UK, and Mr. Maurice Trouwborst of Filmjugend. With a special guest appearance pre-recorded on tape by the legendary presenter of Toppop TV, Mr. Ad Visser. And to top things off, we’ll be screening an hour of future-forward HD music videos on the very big silver screen – from Low Budget to New Psychedelica, and from Sonic Animations to Netherclips.

Submarine Channel Live Master of Ceremony is Mr. Bahram Sadeghi

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