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25 July: Submarine Channel Live @ EYE > Book trailers

Join us for a very special screening program where we will be looking at some of the very best (funny, moving, beautiful, suspenseful, interesting) examples of the book trailer phenomenon. Book trailers could become as fundamental to the publishing industry as movie trailers are to the film industry.

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Ranging from impressive big budget animated shorts created by large teams of professionals to beautiful DIY masterpieces; we’ve managed to discover an electrifying assortment of seriously eye-popping and innovative treats we’d watch even if they had nothing to do with a book. (see what we mean in our two Top 5 posts dedicated to this very topic: stop-motion animated book trailers and hilarious ones.) To top things off, EYE curator Ronald Simons mines the archive once more and delved up book trailers that are almost as old as the movies.

The image (above) is a still from the e-book trailer we produced for Charles den Tex’ thriller Friend (De Vriend), made by Dutch illustrator and animator Aimee de Jongh. Watch all trailers here

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Animated Book trailers screening in Amsterdam


Book Trailers