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2Pause: More Energy! More Action!

Arnold is not the first, nor the last music video on 2Pause that reappropriates (remixing, rethinking, recontextualizing) existing footage. We salute this sustainable vid-making method. Besides being a massive, testosterone-packed ode to body building, Alan Capriles’ latest music video puts the spotlight back on George Butler’s awe-inspiring 1977 documentary Pumping Iron, a.k.a. The Doc That Made Schwarzenegger. (If anyone’s got an old VHS copy lying around, you know where to send it!)

Alan Capriles (, who previously edited Hercules and Love Affair’s My House and Let Love Rule by Lenny and Justice, came up with a concept that sets this track apart from the other various visualizations of Luke Million’s track by creating, as he so picturesquely puts it:

A fun campy love letter, character study of Arnold in his prime, with all the machismo and homoerotic humor it can handle. And a couple of farts thrown in as combo.

Time to don that dusty-crusty old fitness outfit and start exercising with the Terminator-cum-gov’nor: Down! Up! Down! Up! More Energy!