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A Minimovie is an episodic documentary consisting of 8 to 10 episodes. Episodes are 7 to 10 minutes each. Put together, they form a self-contained story. With MiniMovies SubmarineChannel explores a new narrative and visual style of documentary filmmaking.

Being A Fish in Japan

A jaunty trip through the fish markets, tattoo parlors and ancient shrines of Japan via the peculiarities of life, love, and gory death as a fish. Whimsical tales from contemporary fish-obsessed Japan are told against a rich backdrop of ancient pescarian mythologies, with a strong graphic style that weaves together gritty documentary footage with eye-popping, Kaiga-influenced animation. Just like a good Maki: spicy and delectable!
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Fronts, golds, plates, shines, caps, slugs, pullouts. Call it what you want, just put your money where your mouth is and let it shine. Grillz brings the bling bling to the screen and documents the history and popularity of mouth jewelry in Hip-Hop and beyond. From New York in the early Eighties to the Dirty South and the streets of Amsterdam.
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Ig Nobel Prizes

Ig Nobel Prizes are the not-so-well-known alternative of the famous Nobel Prizes. Each year since 1989, ten scientists receive prizes for “research that makes people LAUGH and then THINK”. Watch six scientists and their studies about the most important subjects of our daily life: having sex, food, money, death, and having sex again.
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Small nations, Big games

A young Basque named Henrike returns to his native soil where he tries to play Pilota, a game his father excelled in. Pilota, a very exciting sport, allows the Basques to vent their ambitions and frustrations about cultural recognition and national independence.
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I Love Alaska

The personal search queries of 650,000 AOL (America Online) users accidentally ended up on the Internet, for all to see. We get to know one of those AOL users, a religious middle-aged woman from Houston, Texas.
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Dear Oprah

A year before the presidential elections of 2008, a crew of young European filmmakers goes on a journey all across the USA in a little old motor home to search for America’s missing voters.
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Safety First

A collection of six short stories on what it is like to fly since Al-Qaeda has made the skies unsafe. Director Robert Oey.
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Dream City

A portrait of visitors of a theme park in a city in Northern Iraq. Director Tomas Kaan.
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Wild Scenes

A film about people working in the Pashtu movie industry. In Pakistan, better known as the alternative Lollywood porn industry. Director Akram Zadiq.
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Room 2017

Director Rob Smits stayed for a month with a group of Yanomami indians in Venezuela.
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Crass: There is No Authority but Yourself

A filmic portrait of this last Punk stonghold. Director Alexander Oey.
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Molotov Alva Second Life Machinima

Molotov Alva and His Search for the Creator

A documentary shot entirely in Second Life. Director Douglas Gayeton.
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This Minimovie series is a co-production with VPRO.