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Submarine Channel | New Psychedelica music videos @ Psych Lab Eindhoven

Submarine Channel

June 6-7: “New Psychedelica” music videos @ Psych Lab Eindhoven

YAY! to flashy bright colors, YAY! to sun and summer and YAY! to Eindhoven Psych Lab! – the  two-day music psychedelic music fest from Liverpool is setting up camp in the City Of Lights in the south of Holland on June 6 and 7.

As big fans of the current trend, we could of course not miss the opportunity of celebrating the futuristic sights and sounds of the modern psychedelic condition, and we’re stoked be invited to screen our New Psychedelica in Music Videos program from 2013 again at the main festival location, Effenaar. Our one-hour screening program celebrates the resurgence of a new breed of psychedelic visuals in the visual language of music videos.

If you missed it in EYE, here’s the ultimate chance to see these freakin’ beauties in their full brain melting glory on the big screen! And be warned: Eyeballs Will Bleed!

Need more teasing? Check out this Top 5 of Our Favorite Things: Psychedelic Music Videos.

Purchase your tickets, make sure to stay up-to-date with the latest news via Facebook & Twitter and see you in Effenaar!

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When I Am King




Edouard Salier