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Who Are The Champions?

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Producers – Bruno Felix & Femke Wolting
Creative producer & concept – Yaniv Wolf
Director – Rob Schröder
Interactive producers – Corine Meijers & Joyce Drosterij
Co-producer – MiriquidiFilm, Michael Geidel
Co-producer –, Wieland van Dijk
Audio-travelogue – Radiomakers Desmet
Interface design – Christiaan de Rooij
Web development – Aart Jan van der Linden & Gijs Kattenberg
Production assistant – Marlijn Koers
Research & production – Joshua Jansma & Nick Ruijter
Research – Desiree Snackey & Jelle Burger & Emma Norton
English translation – Judith Kingston
English translation & voice-over – Michael Krass
German translation & interpreter – Katrin Thiem
German voice-over – Michael Fahres
Studio mixage – Arno Peeters
Teaser – Christiaan de Rooij
Trailer – SKeditor – Sander Kuipers
Publicity – Koen Machielse & Rogier Hendriksen & Stijn Bruens
Pilot version – Interface design – Jurriaan Esmeijer
Pilot version – Web development – Danny Evenwel & Dorien Drees (Driebit)

Audio-travelogue – Radio Desmet, Laura Stek
Reporter NRC – Floor Boon
Photography – Leonardo Wen
Research & production – Canarinho Press & Dionara Melo & Mauro Graeff Júnior
Portugese Interpreter – Canarinho Press – Yara Lopes

Service producer – Fireworx Media, Dan Jawitz & Neil Brandt
Audio-travelogue – Radio Desmet, Marije Schuurman Hess
Reporter – Elles van Gelder
Photography – Bram Lammers
Production Manager – Raeesah Essop
Research & production – Ethel Williams-Abrahamse
Producer – Miriquidi Film, Michael Geidel
Audio-travelogue – Radio Desmet, Marije Schuurman Hess
Reporter – Ariane Kleijwegt
Photography – Nikado Photography, Anika Dollmeyer
Research & production – Clara Wieck
Research – Dajana Trapp

Who are the Champions is a Submarine Channel production in co-production with Dutch
newspaper NRC and Miriquidifilm and made possible with financial funds from het Netherlands
Film Fund, Fonds 21, Open Woorden – Dutch Cultural Media Fund,, SLM,
Creative Industries Fund and the City of Amsterdam.


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