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Genevieve Gauckler presents at Playgrounds

One of our favorite French artists, Genevieve Gauckler will present at the 2013 Playgrounds Digital Arts Festival.

Genevieve is an illustrator and art director best known for her involvement in the French director’s collective Pleix, and her ever-evolving procession of loveable characters and technicolor digital mashes. Her works are bright, fun and hectic.

Starting with French record label F Communications (Laurent Garnier, St Germain), she went on to work with directors Kuntzel & Deygas on promos for Dimitri from Paris, Pierre Henry and the Sparks, as well as commercials (e.g. Yves Saint Laurent’s Live Jazz), titles for French/German cultural TV-channel Arte, and short movies.

Submarine Channel talked to the artist in 2008, just before the opening of her show in MU, one of our favorite art spaces in The Netherlands, where she presented a collection of images, entitled Food Chain, about man’s preoccupation with food and eating.

Just like Gauckler herself these big posters are very witty, but have a sereous undertone. Gauckler: “My drawings resemble logos. They’re very simple, colorful and childlike. At the same time there’s a contrast between the childlike visual elements and the adult side of the message.” We hope Gauckler’s contagious giggles will put you in the right mood.

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