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Storyboards from Famous Films


“You can save all the usual problems ahead of shooting by working with a good artist and a floor plan.” J Todd Anderson, regular storyboard artist of the Coen Brothers. Storyboards can be especially useful in visual effects and action sequences. But they can also be a great tool to visualize written scenes or to […]

Concept Artists You Should Know


Back in the 1990’s, when I was in high school, I had this friend who would buy the ‘Art Of’ book of every new Disney film. These huge books were hard to find and very expensive, but they were pretty much the only way to get a glimpse of all the cool art that was […]

Next 5 Storyboards


In the American animation studios, story artists like to play story games. Often done as warm-up exercises, story games such as Next 5 are also a popular assignment during story internships. These games are a lot of fun to do, but they are also a great way to practice some of the basic skills of […]

Great Lessons from the YouTube School of Film


It’s hip to say you shouldn’t go to film school. Why would you? It costs a fortune and doesn’t give you any certainties as far as getting a job. Not to mention the incapable and out-of-touch teachers you have to deal with, right?  So, instead of film school, why not use the huge amount of free […]