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Location-based Interactive docs


The interactive documentary is gaining momentum, and though its value is widespread, the storytelling devices offered by an idoc really lend themselves to one genre in particular: the location-based interactive documentary. This platform was made for this genre. Or perhaps it’s the other way around – what better way is there to explore the nuances […]

Crowdfunded Interactive Initiatives


When creating an interactive thing of art, it’s not always easy to get your next masterpiece funded. Thank the old gods and the new for Kickstarter! More and more interactive artists discover it as a way to crowdfund their work. Submarine Channel presents five of our favorite interactive art projects funded by the crowd. Watch […]

Interactive Docs at RIDM & DocLab


The last few months have been particularly exciting for Submarine Channel. We were given the opportunity to showcase and presentour project Unspeak at two brilliant events, RIDM (Rencontres internationales du documentaire de Montréal) and Amsterdam’s IDFA DocLab. We presented our project Unspeak at both events. Representing filmmakers on either side of the Atlantic, both festivals have quickly garnered a well-earned reputation […]

Participatory Documentaries


Technology is changing how we tell stories on many levels, but perhaps most importantly it’s the role audiences now get to play in guiding the narrative. Take participatory documentaries, which have emerged as a way to share stories about communities by including the voices of people in the community itself – both in the making […]

William Maher author of Ascent from Akeron


disAuthor William Maher is a writer and director, whose previous career in visual effects saw him working on many comic book adaptations including Mars Attacks!, X-Men, and Batman & Robin. Intrigued by the impact of these superhero franchises, Maher started developing the storyworld for Submarine Channel’s interactive comic Ascent from Akeron about a decade ago […]

‘Hollow’, or how crowd-sourced storytelling celebrates local change


Documentary maker Elaine McMillion made a splendid interactive documentary about the brain drain of McDowell County, West Virginia and how its people deal with this and other hardships. Thanks to a Kickstarter campaign and the Tribeca Film Institute’s New Media Fund , she helped locals to tell their own story in ‘Hollow’. Take a look and take […]