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2pause: Playing the Villain

This week we’re definitely the bad guys as we’re inviting you to watch “Playing the Villain”, a video that might make your eyes bleed (or at least hurt!). Created for the British band Son of Kick, the promo features the revenge of an apparently sweet and innocent car over a trio of teens planning to steal it.

Directed by the Australian based collective: The Glue Society, the vid makes no effort to fit the PG standards. Excelling at presenting cruel gruesome images in the most realistic way possible, the  promo gives us all more than we bargained for. And don’t think you can simply turn it off when it gets too much to bear. The directors are masters of hooking up audiences, making everything extremely addictive and impossible to stop watching. Want proof? Irresponsible as it might be we’re already drooling at the trailer for their new online sketch horror: Watch With Your Mother.


Brace yourself for some shivers and goosebumps and watch the video on 2pause!



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