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2pause: New promo by Special Problems

The Sun is the seventh video Special Problems have made for The Naked and the Famous, a continuation of their long time collaboration which includes all band-related artwork, as well as the fab music videos.

From the press release:

The clip depicts the euphoric intimacy between lovers (who are an actual couple, in case you’re curious) amidst a seductive explosion of colour, glitter and light. The live action elements of the video were shot over the course of one day, followed by several weeks of animation/post production, back at the Special Problems studio.

Credit List
Director: Special Problems, Producer: Amber Easby,
DP: Duncan Cole, Animation|Post-production: Special Problems, Toolkit: Final Cut, Photoshop, After Effects, Red Camera and Phantom.


Lou Paradis

Valley Of The Cnuties


Julia Pott