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2Pause: Mikael Colombu’s Wonder Vids

Sparkling champagne dripping from a glass on a stunningly looking green stiletto, a broken framed picture of a gorgeous woman, a vinyl record slipping from its cover, a mask and a diploma, all placed on the same shelf and animated to the last detail by Mikael Colombu. And that’s just the beginning of “Bodies”, an amazingly looking video created for Cee Lo Green, oozing luxury, mystery and crime with the introduction of every new element. Don’t worry if after the first 30 seconds you start feeling like in an animated version of an Agatha Christie novel. We can assure you the details in each visual element are totally worth your time: we absolutely fell in love with the Red BMW and the gorgeous shoe collection concealed by the abstract painting – to the point we almost reached out a hand and tried to grab them from the shelves. If you’re a fan of this style, you must also definitely engage in “The Knowing” alien adventure set out on both Earth and the far-distant planet Ethio X !

And talking about immersion into fantastic spaces charmingly animated, how about you check out Chris Milk’s latest interactive music video / game hybrid:  “Rome – Three Dreams of Black”? Milk has joined forces with creative director Aaron Koblin and together they set up a network of dream-landscapes which the users can explore and customize. If you don’t meet the technical requirements necessary to explore the Rome project you can always watch the making of and get a glimpse at the experience!


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