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2Pause @Lowlands 2011

We’re tripping with joy over the fact that our 2Pause curated collection of bedazzling new psychedelic music videos will be screened in a 60-minute session at the equally psycho-sensational Lowlands Festival this year.

“New Psychedelica in Music Videos” is our humble ode to a new-found interest in the psychedelic visuals which are becoming increasingly apparent in music videos. Filmmakers, designers and animators are reinventing psychedelica for the 21st century with more emphasis on tech tool explosions, creativity mash-ups and fractal code frenzies than the mind-altering trips of yesteryear.

If you want to know more about the adventures and substance (ab)use of our Japanese Alice-co and her color-cycling pet shark in LSD-land (referring to the image above, or am I?), you’ll just have to join us at Lowlands on Sunday the 21st at 9.45 PM. Prepare yourself for a mind-melt of epic proportions, for as we like to say “Your Eyeballs Will Bleed.” LSD, tranquilizers and headache pills will be catered for………………………  NOT!

Spoiler alert! To give you enough time to mentally prepare for your imminent exposure to “New Psychedelica,” here’s a Top 5 we did some time ago.


When I Am King




Edouard Salier