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2Pause: Celine Desrumaux

Every rocket launch has its own story, but few stories capture the emotional depth of the tale that Celine Desrumaux (of The Giants fame) crafted for Apparat’s music video  Granular Bastard. Watch it on 2Pause

The illustrative look was wizarded with just After Effects and Photoshop, so nothing too fancy-pantsy. But Desrumaux commented that making the character-absent images feel “alive” proved quite a laborious task, considering the first sketches for the animation were done back in May 2009.

The result of seeing way too much animation for one lifetime is that our brains automatically start to cross-reference other stuff we’ve seen. Our collective brains spurted out these names after waching Granular Bastard: Chris Ware, Hans Richter, Len Lye, Stanley Kubrick and Godfrey Reggio!





Julia Pott