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2Pause: Blown Minded

No, this is not an Edvard Munch painting, or an undiscovered Van Gogh (from his “Potato Eaters” period). Blown Minded is a seriously mind-blowing (pun!), as well as turbulently expressive music video done by a painter-photographer by the name of Carine Khalifé. Khalifé uses painting combined with stop-motion animation. The poetically meandering analogue brush strokes set off ever so nicely against the dark and brooding synth track by Young Galaxy.

Music video director David Wilson (watch our profile on Wilson) raves about Blown Minded on Motionographer. Says it’s one of the best animated films he’s seen all year, adding “You live, breath and feel the music by watching this beautiful piece of work.” His article includes a very nice write up about the process of making the video by Carine Khalifé herself.


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