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2Pause: “Douze Points” for Andy Bruntel

We added, not one, or two, but twelve of Andy Bruntel’s magical promos to our music video collection 2Pause. That’s a dozen, dear! Why Bruntel? Because the man has mastered the art of telling suspenseful, absurd and sometimes cruel, but always emotionally-super-effective stories within the confines of the 3 to 5-minute time span of a music video.

In 2010, Bruntel won the Vimeo Award for Best Music Video with his eerily brilliant promo for Scissor by Liars. It’s with this kind of careful-what-you-hit-since-it-might-end-up-hitting-you-back narrative – to some extend also present in People As Places As People and in the animated hedgehog love-story It’s a Hit – that Bruntel brought the music video back into the realm of “electric cinema.”

Here’s the complete 2Pause Bruntel playlist

We included a couple of Bruntel’s amazing band performance-based videos…

No Age – Eraser – Smoke and multi-colored balloons
The Mountain Goats – This Year – Head trauma in a confined space
Cold War Kids – Something is Not Right With Me – Choreographed Flying Paper
Stephen Malkmus – Baby C’Mon – Stop-motion insanity, baby!

And Watch Andy Bruntel tap into the spectacular and the ambiguously mystical in…

No Age – Keechie
Bodies of Water – Under The Pines
Bat for Lashes – Prescilla



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