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The Great Orator

The Great Orator is an illustrated VR experience by Daniël Ernst currently in development at Submarine Channel

In this virtual reality story, you are introduced into the world of the Great Orator and his mega church. The church looms over the parking lot in front of it, where his most dedicated followers have gathered. They want to get as close as possible to their great guru, even though they essentially know nothing about him. They do not know his identity, if he even exists, or what goes on inside the church: it might just as well be an empty box… And yet all those people in the parking lot have stopped questioning their choices, their actions and its consequences. The Great Orator gives you a glimpse into a reality where people find meaning in every single word uttered by The Great Orator.


The Great Orator by Daniel Ernst

The Shoebox Diorama

The Great Orator is the fifth ‘Shoebox Diorama’ – a series of interactive illustrations for VR devices by interactive illustrator and director Daniel Ernst. Each diorama is a fantastical hand painted environment in which interaction is used to tell a story and convey a sense of wonder. Get Dirorama’s Blocked In and The Marchland on Steam.


About Daniël Ernst

Daniël Ernst has a background in the gaming industry as an artist and designer. Now he is committed to making interactive illustrations for VR. His Shoebox Diorama series has been internationally recognized and awarded at festivals such as Cinekid and SXSW.



Creative producer: Michel Reilhac
Interactive Producer: Corine Meijers


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