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Hideously Wonderful Music Videos

For our (now dormant) ultra-pretty music video portal 2Pause, we are blessed with the not unpleasant task of trawling through the finest music promos around, and selecting the ones we think are most visually exciting, technically innovative, or just plain brazilliant, to feature on the site. But sometimes beauty gets boring! And one needs to go RAW, back to basics where it all began to reset the aesthetics-ometer. It’s like sniffing coffee beans between sampling the perfumes in Duty Free.

So we’ve put together a Top 5 of music videos from the eras before this one, which are somewhat hideous but profoundly alluring at the same time. Send us yours!



When I Am King



Docu Style Music Videos (Part 2: Portraits)

Best VR From World VR Forum 2017