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Animated GIFs 2009

Before Flash there were… animated GIFs! Whole entire movies made out of Graphics Interchange Format! Apparently Thomas Edison, inventor of something they call the light-bulb, died a very frustrated man, having touched the edges of GIFology but never quite having reached the core. Torture! But we digress. The silent and seemingly endless quagmire of animated GIFery on the interweb, reveals a marvelous array minimal-frame offerings by savvy hipsters and obscure artistes. Compiling this Top 10 was a challenge (and then some), as there are myriad rad ones, but we hope you’ve enjoyed it!

Update: A comprehensive list of animated GIF artists on Umbu, compiled in 2014:


Valley Of The Cnuties

Lou Paradis


Julia Pott

Shaun Tan