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Psychedelic Music Videos 2011

Just the other day, we were mulling over the rising prominence of a new type of psychedelia in visual culture. One that is more about tech tool explosions, mash-up creativity and fractal code frenzies than about the mind-altering trippings of yesteryear.

And no sooner had we mulled, than the MU (Eindhoven’s answer to the Centre Pompidou) announced their forthcoming interactive exhibition The New Psychedelica which nails that very concept – a.k.a we’re psychedelic psychics and/or today’s Zeitgeist wants your eyeballs to bleed. Either way, we’re putting together a 60-minute screening of bedazzling, newly psychedelic music videos from our 2Pause curated online collection, to be shown on the BIG screen as part of the MU show on April 21st from 8:30pm. LSD, tranquilizers, and headache pills will be catered for. And to give you enough time for mental readiment.


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