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Ascent from Akeron

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Author: William Maher
An Irishman who’s been working in the US movie industry for many years. He’s worked on several superhero movie franchises and directed Sleepwalking starring Charlize Theron and Nick Stahl. For the past decade, Bill’s been developing the Akeron storyworld. He’s a great guy and a visionary creator (you should see his moodboards).

Artist: Gustavo Garcia
This Barcelona native moved to Holland with his parents as a kid. He now works as a comic creator, illustrator and a storyboard artist (he storyboarded our Emmy award winning Last Hijack Interactive). His debut graphic novel Gagarin came out in 2012.

Color artists: Anna Engels and Aimee de Jongh
An accomplished comic creator in her own right, Aimee developed the color scripts and color style. The talented, recent HKU University of the Arts graduate Anna Angels took over from Aimee.

Creative developer: Erik Loyer
This L.A.-based mastermind created Panoply, a powerful and flexible Unity-based tool for creating interactive content. Erik helps us make full creative use of his engine. His motion comic Upgrade Soul is a #mustsee.

Developer: Isabelle Kniestedt
During her master course in animation at AKV|St.Joost, Isabelle created a wonderful interactive storybook. We were impressed, so we asked her to join team Akeron. It’s rare to find an animator with developer skills.

Animator: Danne Bakker
Danne did an amazing job as the lead animator on our previous interactive comic The Art of Pho. We’re very happy to have him on board for Akeron so he can work his frame-by-frame magic again.

Music: Mark Tschanz
Mark is an accomplished composer an musician with a huge track record. We’re super excited to have him on board for our project. Mark created 34 different haunting soundscapes for Ascent from Akeron.

Sound design: Thijs Kammer
Thijs supplements Mark’s music with sound effects to make it sound even better.

Producer and publisher: Submarine Channel
We’re an Amsterdam and L.A.-based not-for-profit storytelling lab founded by Femke Wolting and Bruno Felix. Our mission is to produce amazing next-gen interactive animation and documentary projects. And we’ve been doing this with a passion since 2000. Submarine Channel created the first interactive motion comic The Killer in 2002.

Producers: Femke Wolting, Bruno Felix and Tommy Pallotta
Interactive Producer: Remco Vlaanderen
Line Producer: Janneke van de Kerkhof
Junior Producer: Sasja Opdam
Graphic and UI design: Christiaan de Rooij
Web developer: Tijmes Woudenberg
Image processing and additional design: Tereza Vostradovsk√°, Annelies Hofman





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