SUBLAB is an initiative of Submarine Channel brought into existence as a means to develop the next generation of audiovisual storyworlds. The lab is set on finding ways to converge various storytelling practices, media formats, and transmedia distribution opportunities.      


Our digital world has made the creation of audiovisual storytelling more accessible than ever before. We share, we post, and are always connected. Yet, the more traditional media industries (e.g., film and television) seem to be unwilling to break with their pre-established constructs. It’s often linear, there are many rules, and there is little room left for experiment.   

We believe that digital storytelling has the potential to transcend the repetitive framework of the more established media industries in unique and exciting ways. By facilitating unusual connections between artists from different disciplines, we are open to explore the all-encompassing potential different media have to offer.   

How do we use the structures of animation series, podcasts, feature films, documentaries, videogames, social media, and all other media formats to tell our stories?   

We recognize how tough it is to break from a pre-established structure. Creatives who would like to try can become discouraged by the complicated development process that is involved when it comes to high-end transmedia productions. We would like to offer the expertise Submarine has gathered over the years in terms of transmedia storytelling to inspire, train, and stimulate collaborations between filmmakers, journalists, animators, game developers, and other artists from all over the world.   

We are hopeful that SUBLAB’s collaborative nature has the potential to inspire us to think about a more diverse, sustainable and inclusive society.  


Each year, the SUBLAB-team selects three projects. These projects are purely focused on the development of transmedia stories. So, not on production of the actual works.  

The recruitment of new projects is carried out by the SUBLAB-team, appointed scouts, or by a collaborative partner in the media field.   

Once selected, one of SUBLAB’s creative producers sits down with the team to establish the guidelines for the upcoming development process; establishing the development goals, budget, deliverables and the composition of the development team.   

In the following phases, members of the creative team, or externally recruited talents, are sought to develop a component of the project idea. For example, this could be a script, a podcast, pitch bible, or a gameplay design.  

Each deliverable is focused on finding the right type of financing to bring the projects into production and ultimately distribution. SUBLAB’s team supports the creators in finding suitable production and distribution opportunities.   




Do you have an innovative media plan, but need help developing it? SUBLAB is looking for new stories and creators. Interested? Send us your ideas! 


To create the next generation of transmedia storyworlds. SUBLAB sets out to build teams of both proven and new talent with backgrounds in various media disciplines. Together we join forces to develop new concepts for audiovisual stories, games, apps, or even better, a combination of various media outlets. We want to develop media concepts that connect with their audience and tell a story.  

We are looking for experienced storytellers who want to pitch their ideas. We think it is important that creatives get the opportunity to develop their talents and want to offer them a development program so they can eventually share their ideas with the world.  

Does this sound like something for you? Apply now!  


  1. Create a two-pager in which you share your plans for a new and innovative transmedia concept. 
  1. Send your plan to morris@submarine.nl
  1. Within a month, we will let you know if you have made it to the selection round. 
  1. We will invite the people with the strongest ideas to our office to discuss their plans and provide feedback. 
  1. Prior to this meeting, you will prepare a brief pitch, which you will present to the SUBLAB team. 
  1. After this consideration, SUBLAB will let you know if you will continue for the development track. 


  • You are a storyteller with a passion for innovation and exciting ideas for new media concepts. 
  • Your storyworld lives in the domains of fiction, documentary, and/or animation. 
  • You (or other leading members of your creative team) must have extensive experience on your research project and possess a solid network within the media industry. 


Every year we select three projects to start a development track with. Each project will be assigned a budget between €15,000 and €40,000. 

The objective is to have production-ready deliverable by the end of the development track. This could for example be a pitch for an investor or at a funding market, a script and grant application, or a pitchdeck that can be sent to potential co-producers.


Sometimes the creative teams who are already in development are looking to expand. If this is the case, we will update the development page. Slide over to the ‘In Development’ page to find out more!


In Development

Toko Loko

Start development: 2021
Release: TBA

The Crown Witness

Start development: 2021
Release: TBA

Hollow Wood

Start development: 2021
Release: TBA