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17 December 2018
Lens Magazine selected Poppy Interactive as 2018’s most influential Photographers. Lens Magazine is the media sponsor of International art fairs. We’re both honored and glad to be selected.

13 September 2018
Director’s Notes spoke to Robert Knoth and web developer Aart Jan van Der Linden about the process of creating the Poppy Interactive.

12 January 2018
Lens magazine, a photography magazine based in Israel, worldwide renowned for their great shot selection, has shown their enthousiasm about the project POPPY Interactive, and decided to publish an article.  This is a big step in the aim to get an international exposure !

17 March 2017
We’re happy that the Mondriaanfonds granted us their financial support. The fund stimulates the production and presentation of Dutch visual arts. Their support will help Robert and Antoinette in their endeavors to make this project successful.

21 November 2016
We’re happy to announce that POPPY is supported by The Grant Programme for Non-Fiction Transmedia, a program by the Creative Industries Fund NL in association with the Dutch Cultural Media Fund and the Netherlands Film Fund. This program’s aim is to stimulate new forms of documentary-making and storytelling.


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